Eavestrough and Downspouts

Keep downspouts in the down position at all times, as they are designed to direct water away from the foundation walls. All downspout extensions must be in place to assist in water drainage. Water seepage into basement can occur if downspouts are not down at all times.

Keep gutters and downspouts free of obstructions such as leaves and paper. Surface particles from asphalt shingles, washed down by rains, often settle in gutters, reducing their efficiency and should be removed immediately. A Spring and Fall check is recommended.

Eavestroughs are designed to handle rainwater. They will usually become blocked with snow and ice during winter.

Eavestrough FAQs

Why do eavestroughs drip in winter?

Question: Why do eavestroughs drip in the winter?
Answer: This is due to ice and snow buildup.

How to secure down pipe extension?

Question: If I keep my down pipe extension down all the time, what can be done to prevent them from getting blown away in the winds?
Answer: An old metal coat hanger, cut and shaped into a ‘U’ shape, placed over the down pipe extension and into the ground will prevent winds from damaging down pipe extensions.

Settlement occurs at downspout locations?

Question: Why is settlement occurring at downspout locations?
Answer: The ground around the downspouts is eroding because downspout extensions are not in place.

Water seepage into the basement?

Question: Why is there water seepage into the basement?
One possible cause may be that downspout extensions are not in place.
**For further information, please refer to the Drainage section on the About Your Lot guide.**

Can the drainpipe be run underground?

Question: Can the drainpipe be run underground?
Answer: Yes, as long as the tile is not the perforated variety. Drainage exit points must be far enough away from the house as to prevent water seepage into the basement. City by-laws prohibit drain tile drainage onto city streets and sidewalks. Keep in mind that in winter months, any below grade water drainage may be ineffective.

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