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Unplanted yards can wash out with one rainfall. Maintenance of established drainage pathways is a homeowner(s) responsibility. Please look at the established drainage carefully with your Area Construction Manager at the Walk-Through.

Before you go ahead with any landscaping (even flowerbeds) or fence building, an inspection by the developer must be completed. This inspection is done to make sure that the topsoil elevations have conformed to the developer’s original design grade plan for your lot. Once your topsoil is completed, it may take as long as one (1) month for approval. We will contact you as soon as this has occurred. According to the research from the City of Calgary, final grade should not be done until after June. (This applies for winter construction).

NOTE: Landscaping is not allowed until the final GRADING CERTIFICATE has been provided to you by Truman. Any work done prior on your yard to receiving a copy of the grading certificate is at the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

For information on lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds, please contact a qualified horticulturist/landscaper. Truman Homes neither offers nor implies any warranty on existing landscaping.

Lawn Care Tips

To ensure that your sod and trees look wonderful for years to come, we stress the importance of proper maintenance of your yard. View our Lawn Care Guide for tips on how to properly maintain your lawn.

IMPORTANT: Call before you dig with Alberta One-Call at: 1-800-242-3447 or visit AlbertaOneCall.com to mark underground utility lines. Allow at least two (2) working days’ notice.

Survey Pins

Your lot was surveyed and marked with steel pins, normally 1” square in all corners. They are driven into the ground to approximately 1’-2’ below grade for protection against damage. We cannot guarantee that all pins will be located nor that they should be used for landscaping or fencing purposes.

Survey pins may become dislodged or buried during construction. It is advisable to hire a qualified surveyor to relocate the lot lines if you wish to build a fence, hedge or any other boundary. Encroaching on others property can mean costly re-alignments of the boundaries.

REMEMBER: Your front property line does not reach the street. There is city property in the front.

Lot FAQs

How do you locate the property pins?

Answer: Use your Real Property Report to measure the distance from your foundation to the pins. Then dig 1’-2’ down with a shovel. (A metal detector can help).

Caring for my lawn

To ensure that your sod and trees look wonderful for years to come, we stress the importance of proper maintenance of your yard. Click here to download & view our Lawn Care Guide for tips on how to properly maintain your lawn.


Your lot has been designed to accommodate proper drainage away from your house. It is important that the final grade of your property be maintained and not altered. Lot drainage systems are designed to work water away from the house toward the property lines and towards the street and lane. These drainage systems must be maintained by the homeowner(s). Window wells around basement windows may be required to achieve the proper grade.

You should realize that your lot has been graded for proper drainage during normal rainfall. Some ponding may occur during heavy rainfalls.
If this takes place, do not change the grade in such a way that it will cause drainage problems for adjacent properties.

It is extremely important to keep downspouts down at all times.

Window Wells

When window wells are required, they can be made out of either pressure treated wood or galvanized metal and are attached to the foundation. All our window wells have weeping drainage tile at the base. If excess water gets into the well, the water then has the means to drain. It is responsibility of the homeowner(s) to keep the drains clean and free of debris. The soil inside the window well should be at least 4” below the bottom of the window, and the ground outside 4” below the top of the well to prevent water from flowing over the top.

Do not bring the topsoil and sod to top of the window well. Ensure there is positive drainage away from the outside of window well.


Yard settlement will occur to varying degrees. It is our recommendation that you wait for proper settlement, which could be six (6) months to one (1) year depending on the season and amount of rain received, before sodding or installing the fence. However, settlement at the foundation wall must be corrected immediately (as weather permits). Settlement 24″ inches or less is the responsibility of the homeowner.


Most lots have easements in favour of various public utilities so that their lines may be installed. Please call Alberta One Call at: 1-800-242-3447 or visit AlbertaOneCall.com prior to any digging or tree planting. Allow at least two (2) working days’ notice. Check your Real Property Report for the existence of easements on your property. For further information, please contact your municipality.

Weeping Tile

Weeping tile is installed to carry away ground water accumulations, not surface water. It is installed where required by municipal authorities or other approving authority. Customers don’t have a choice if weeping tile is installed or not, it will be solely determined by the geotechnical conditions in the area the home is built in.

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