Warranty Information


Warranty Information

Our Peace of Mind Guarantee

Our comprehensive program ensures that your home stays in tip-top shape for years to come, so you can Live better®. Our partnership with the Alberta New Home Warranty Program protects your home from major structural defects. Accompanied by Truman’s in-house award winning customer service, our one year wall to wall comprehensive warranty program will ensure consistent quality and workmanship.

Warranty Features

We want you to enjoy your new home, and have the peace of mind knowing that it comes standard with the following:

One Year Warranty

Workmanship & Materials

This covers defects in materials and labour (e.g. baseboards, flooring, fixtures).

Two Year Warranty

Distribution Systems

Coverage for defects in materials and labour related to delivery & distribution systems (e.g. heating, electrical, plumbing systems).

Five Year Warranty

Building Envelope

Coverage for defects in the building envelope, which is considered in the Act as a system of components that separate the controlled interior air from the exterior (e.g. roof and exterior walls).

Ten Year Warranty


Coverage for key structural components of your home (e.g. frame and foundation).

Warranty Service

We suggest that you carefully read through the service procedures that are discussed below as well as the following Maintenance Guide. If you have any questions regarding standards or procedures, please refer to these articles first and then contact our Warranty Service Department.

To comply with the terms of your warranty, as well as for reasons of accuracy, all non-emergency items for which you request service must be reported in writing via email to service@trumanHomes.com.

For reasons of coordination accuracy, we cannot accept reports of routine warranty items over the phone. Please be aware that any requests accepted, unless emergency, will be attended to at your next routine warranty call at 3 month to 4 months post possession, as per the notice provided on possession.

Multi-Point Walkthru Checklist
Occurs approximately 120-150 days from possession (date will later be confirmed via email). It is at this time that one of our service team will go through your home with you and determine what service work needs to be completed. After this our technician will schedule a trades day appointment with you to address serviceable items. Passing on this checklist nullifies & voids warranty for the balance of your 1 year warranty.

Kitchen Appliance Warranties
The manufacturers of kitchen appliances will work directly with you if any repairs are needed for these products. Appliance warranties are generally for one year from the date of closing. Refer to the literature provided by the manufacturer for the complete information.

Drywall and Nail Pops
Drywall cracking and nail pops are not covered under the warranty. However, as a courtesy to our homeowner, our drywall contractor has provided you with a one year One Time Use warranty, this can be used at anytime within the 1st year of your possession date. This is a self-governed program if you would like this service please book a service request through our customer support page.
NOTE: Painting is the responsibility of the homeowner(s).

Emergency Service
Emergency, as defined by the warranty, includes:

  • Total loss of heat
  • Total loss of electricity
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Total loss of water
  • Total sewage stoppage
  • Roof leak
  • Gas leak

Any water leaks in the home should be reported immediately, as well as any situation that endangers the occupants or the home. Email 24/7 after hours, weekends or holidays at service@trumanhomes.com. Please allow 30-45 minute response time for after hours and emergency service.

Knowledge Base

View our frequently asked questions as your first step when it comes to maintenance and warranty coverage with your new home. We’ve provided monthly and seasonal maintenance checklists so you can do your part to protect from things like leaks and damages, and you’ll know exactly what to expect with your new home.

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