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Use the articles below as your first step when it comes to maintenance and warranty coverage with your new home. We’ve provided monthly and seasonal maintenance checklists so you can do your part to protect from things like leaks and damages, and you’ll know exactly what to expect with your new home.

Maintenance Checklist

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain your new home. These lists will prepare you for monthly maintenance, as well as a seasonal checklist to keep your home healthy and happy.

About Your Lot

Understand information about your lot including survey pins, easements, weeping tile, sediment, drainage, and your responsibilities as a homeowner when it comes to landscaping etc.

Paint & Stains

Paint and stains, both indoor and out, may fade overtime. This article will educate you on what to expect with the interior, exterior, and millwork finishes in your new home, and how to maintain them over time.

General Care

Use this reference as a guide to caring for, identifying problems and finding solutions for your home. Caring for your hardwood flooring, quartz and granite, ceramic tiles, electrical systems, jetted bathtubs, cleaning carpet stains, furnace maintenance and more can be found within this article.


Care for all the flooring in your new home, and prepare for all possible instances that may require your preventative measures or attention. We’ve included everything from treatments for carpet spills and stains, how to prevent fading, & what you can expect with new hardwood or softer flooring surfaces.

Doors & Windows

Learn all about the doorways and windows in your new home, how to prevent issues, and fix them when they arise. We’ve included suggested maintenance, how to adjust for seasonal warping, how to prevent condensation on your windows and more.

Framing, Beams & Telepost

The structural lumber in your home contains moisture, some of which is absorbed during the building process. Following occupancy, and particularly during the first heating season, shrinkage caused by “drying out” may occur. See how to deal with issues related to this in this article.

Insulation & Ventilation

Get informed on your insulation, drywall finishings and attic ventilation with this article.

Roofing Materials

Whether your new home has shingles, shakes, and/or roofing tiles, this article will show you what to expect, how to check for roof leaks, and what to do when shingles go awry.

Eavestrough & Downspouts

Prevent seasonal flooding by reading up on soffit, eavestrough and downspout maintenance. Knowing to keep your downspouts pointed down and clearing ice and snow out of your eaves can save you from a costly mistake when spring arrives!


This article will prepare you for what to expect in your new home when it comes to concrete. It will explain how to care for your driveways in the winter, when and why to expect cracks, and what products to use for painting and sealing concrete surfaces.

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