Roofing Materials


Asphalt shingles are soft on hot summer days and walking on them during hot weather can damage the top protective granular coating of the shingles. Manufacturers cannot avoid slight differences in colour shakes, even within the same factory run of the same colour of shingle. Colour shading is usually imperceptible, and such differences are reduced by weather. Shading of asphalt roofing is normal and does not affect durability of the shingles. Slight variations may be observed in the roof’s level. This may be a puckering of the plywood or the raising of the shingles between nails when they expand.


Shakes may be either pine or cedar. Some curling or lifting of the shakes is normal.


Tiles are generally maintenance-free with very few problems. Avoid walking on tile roofing during wet or icy conditions, and check for damage regularly.

Most roof leaks are not a result of shingle failure, but often from caulking breakdown or other factors.
**Please notify the Truman Warranty Department immediately of any leaks which occur within the warranty period.**

Roofing FAQs

Why have shingles blown off the roof?

Question: Why have shingles blown off the roof, and what should we do?
Answer: If this happens during normal wind conditions, call our Warranty Department. In the case of high windstorm conditions, the warranty does not cover damaged or missing shingles. Please contact your home insurance company when this occurs.

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