A Truman Valentines Day Date

Truman’s Guide To A Perfect Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Day Date

Ah, romance. Nothing gets the heart fluttering like candlelight, flowers and the sound of sweet nothings. We love it so much we have a day dedicated to celebrating all the love in our lives – Valentine’s. If you’re like us, you’ve been waiting all of January for the moment when it finally feels appropriate to set out that candy dish of conversation hearts. Yes, Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and it’s time to start making plans for the 14th. Staying home for Valentine’s Day is becoming a huge trend, and we cannot love it enough. The idea to stay home on “the most romantic day of the year” is perfect for the couple who want to save some money, who completely forgot to make a reservation, or finally to the couple who enjoys a night to themselves with no wait times, or ordering food in a busy restaurant. If you still want to have the perfect night with your significant other, but don’t feel the need to go out to celebrate your love, these are a few of our favourite ideas!

Set The Mood
Think candles. Think flowers. Think multiple-courses or fondue.

There’s something about a candle lit room that instantly adds romance in the air. Pick an area in your home that you want to spend most of your time in (to eat, watch movies, play board games, etc.), and fill the room with candles. If you don’t have candles, there are so many places you can pick some up! The local dollar store will have lots of shapes, sizes and scents to choose from for a very affordable price! If you’re a traditionalist, and only eat at the dining table, you can try switching it up and surprising your significant other by making a small, romantic area in your living room, bonus room, or even your bedroom to establish the new, and fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Make a playlist of all your favourite songs, it will definitely set the mood. You can also add an air mattress with warm blankets and pillows to make your spot more comfortable. If you’re feeling extra cheesy this year, you can lead your significant other to this spot by rose petals (real or fake), or make them close their eyes until they have arrived at your adorable spot you’ve set up. Most importantly, do not forget the wine (or whatever you prefer to drink) with two glasses waiting for you two to drink together!

Did Someone Say Food?

Food is the way to anyone’s heart, so don’t let your date go without delicious foods. Make sure you have a few options in mind, because most places will double or triple the wait time for takeout/delivery. We like the idea of cooking together, and make it as romantic as you would like. A huge trend that we personally think is an awesome Valentine’s Day dish is heart shaped pizza. You can be as creative as you’d please, add whatever topping you’d like, and personalize the size and shape. Of course, if you want to go the extra mile, there is nothing wrong with an amazing pasta dish, or a big steak dinner, just remember to grab everything you need in advance! Another super cute idea for your at home Valentine’s Day is the classic fondue pot. You can buy a fondue pot at Walmart for only $20. Or have a dessert cook off. The options are endless!

Have A Plan For The Night

You’ve planned a romantic, at-home Valentine’s Day date with a great menu. There is just one last thing you need to do to make this night even more perfect for you two. You need to plan what are you going to do. If you love watching movies, pick a movie you both enjoy. It does not have to be “P.S. I love you” or “The Notebook”, it can be any movie you both love. You could also choose a favorite board game and feel free to play the traditional way or with an extra romantic twist. The choice is yours. Have a nerf gun fight! Seriously, how fun would it be to sneak around the house in the dark and then shoot each other. There are so many great ideas to make your night perfect, just remember to have these things prepared for your significant other so the night is special for the both of you.

Whatever you decide to do, it will be absolutely perfect, because you two will be spending your time together (cliché, I know). We love Valentines, and all the feels that comes with the day!

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