Truman Has Partnered With Liberty Homeownership

Truman Partners With Liberty Homeownership

Truman has proudly partnered with many non-profit organizations and has become a major partner in providing affordable home ownership to as many Albertans as possible. We have provided over 450 brand new homes to deserving Albertans through these partnerships, and through our commitment to affordable home ownership, we have pledged up to 25% of all the product we produce in Alberta to be dedicated to such organizations helping to close the affordability gap.

That is why we have partnered with Liberty Homeownership. In the few short years that we have offered this programs, we have helped over 400 families achieve homeownership.

Our mission is to connect Albertans with the homes they aspire to own. If you want to own your own home but can’t come up with a down payment, let Liberty Homeownership help. If you can meet their income criteria; qualify for a mortgage, and can come up with a down payment of just $1,500.00 – Liberty Homeownership will pay the rest of the 5% down payment for you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Registration/Mortgage Pre-approval: Provide Liberty with your basic information such as: name, date of birth, employment status, current address, family situation, household income, desired quadrant of the city to live in. Your information is kept personal and confidential–Liberty will pair you up with one of their participating financial institutions to help you obtain a mortgage pre-approval.
  2. Home Ownership Education: This step is crucial in becoming a homeowner. Liberty wants to make sure you are given the right information to make the transition to becoming a homeowner as smooth as possible. They provide you with some learning outcome statements that illustrate vital components of homeownership, such as: how to make a budget, how to maintain a good credit rating, what are your responsibilities as a homeowner, what are your responsibilities as a unit holder in a condo corporation – just to name a few. Upon completion and review of the learning outcome statements, they will provide you with access to 3 exams that will confirm the new knowledge provided to you. To pass the online tests they require a minimum score of 80%. If you are unable to pass the exam on your first attempt, you will be provided another opportunity 24 hours later. Upon successful completion of the test, they will provide you with an electronic certificate of achievement acknowledging your preparedness to become a homeowner.
  3. Select Housing: Once you have your mortgage pre-approval in hand, you will be able to review Liberty’s available inventory and choose a home that suits your lifestyle by visiting their corresponding builder sales centers.

After these simple steps, you will have achieved your dream of becoming a homeowner!

What’s the catch you may ask? No catch! You just have to meet the following criteria:

  • You are able to apply and successfully qualify for mortgage approval with one of our approved lending partners.
  • You have permanent, steady employment & are able to contribute just $1,500 of your own funds to go towards a required 5% down payment.
  • You can complete our online Owner’s Education Course on responsible home ownership upon program approval.

To see if you qualify for the Liberty program, click here.

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