Environmental Policy

Truman is committed to minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment and conserving natural resources.
Truman integrates our environmental policy into all work practices at all levels by:

  • Offering a mandatory staff education program to all current employees and new hires outlining Truman’s Environmental Policy.
  • Providing all necessary resources for employees to conduct their work in accordance to our environmental regulations.
  • Implementing an office recycling program and empowering all employees to recycle whenever possible.
  • Installing appropriate signage throughout our office to educate staff and visitors of our environmental practices
  • Providing bike racks and shower facilities to encourage employees to bike to work.
  • Installing energy efficient lighting throughout our building.
  • Equipping all bathrooms with automatic flush urinals and faucets.
  • Continuously monitoring and load-matching of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of environmental management through assessments.
  • Complying with applicable laws, regulations and environmental requirements

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