Why do outside plugs not work?

Question: Why do plugs on the outside of the house not work? Answer: The ground fault interrupter (G.F.I.) breaker either on the panel or on the rear plug has been tripped. Turn the breaker [...]

Why do lights dim when machine is on?

Question: When the dishwasher or washing machine changes cycles, or turns on, the lights dim momentarily. Is this a cause for concern? Answer: Motors draw more current on start-up than on running [...]

How to clean the humidifier?

Question: What should be used to clean the humidifier? Answer: A mixture of vinegar and water or C.L.R. and water will dissolve most of the mineral build-up in humidifiers. Replacement parts are [...]

What is the “Ventilation Fan” switch?

Question: What is the switch beside the thermostat labeled “Ventilation Fan”? Answer: This switch is to enable / override the principal exhaust fan for your home. This will draw out the air from [...]

What if the furnace fails to start?

Question: What if the furnace fails to start? Answer: The furnace will not operate, of course, unless the thermostat setting is higher than room temperature. Check to be sure the furnace switch [...]

Separated silicone seal?

Question: The silicone seal between the counter and the back splash in the kitchen has separated. Is this serious? Answer: No. Slight movement in the exterior wall and minor shrinkage of the [...]