Falling Leaves, What Should You Do With Them?

Falling Leaves, What Should you do with them?

We love fall leaves falling from the beautiful trees in our neighbourhoods, but we want to make sure you’re disposing of them properly.

1. First, let’s start by filling the green bin provided from the city

2. If the green bin is full, put the leaves in a paper yard waste bag. Make sure the bags are rolled up and can be easily lifted.

3. Set bags at least 1 foot to the side of your green bin. Do not lean them on the cart of place them on top of the bin lid.

If recycling is more your style,

Try shredding your leaves finely, with a mulching mower and let them fertilize the lawn. Or rake chopping’s under shrubs and onto flower and vegetable beds as mulch.

For more info on yard waste disposal from the City of Calgary click here.

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