Choosing the location of your home can be challenging. If you are considering buying in inner city Calgary, here are 4 benefits that may help you out!

Accessibility to Downtown

Even if you don’t work in downtown Calgary, living near downtown and having it easily accessible may be beneficial for multiple reasons. Downtown is home to thousands of businesses, restaurants, clothing stores, etc.. Living in inner city gives you quick access to all of these, among all of the other businesses found in the beltline area.

Spend More Time Living Instead of Commuting

Think of how long you spend commuting to work, school, daycare, the gym, etc.. For some people, this could be upwards of 2 hours per day spent in their car. Living in inner city Calgary means you can say goodbye to your long commutes and spend more time enjoying what you love in life.

Easy Access to Transit

Downtown is Calgary’s main transit location. This means that if you live in inner city Calgary, public transit will always be within walking distance. For example, 1741, one of our developments located on 17th ave, is only 2 short blocks away from Shaganappi Train Station. It is also seconds away from popular bus stops. Another added bonus to this is that you’ll never have to take a cab again (or barely ever)!

Property Appreciation

In most cases, the further out from city centre you are the more affordable the real estate in Calgary becomes. This is because land and location in inner city is always in high demand which typically appreciates the home value quicker over a long term. When you sell, you’ll have more money in your pocket!

To see our current list of inner city developments, visit our community map.

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