Window is not sealing properly?

Question: What if the window is not sealing properly? Answer: To ensure a proper seal, the window lock located at the side of the interior window should be in the locked position. This enables [...]

Is door warpage a warranty concern?

Question: Is warpage of doors a warranty concern? Answer: Some warpage is considered tolerable. Doors which exceed 1” warpage are considered excessive and should be given attention.

How to adjust entry door thresholds?

Question: How does one adjust the entry door thresholds? Answer: Exterior door thresholds come with adjustment screws which are visible at the top of the threshold. By turning these screws, the [...]

How to use the adjustable door strikes?

Question: How does one use the adjustable door strikes? Answer: Remove the two (2) screws and move the insert portion of the strike to the desired position to achieve a tight fit to jamb [...]

Frost on the door – is it leaking?

Question: When it is extremely cold outside, frost forms on the metal striker plates on the doorframe. Does this mean the door is leaking? Answer: Not necessarily. In very cold conditions the [...]