5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While On Vacation


Spring and summer are soon approaching which means you may have a trip or two planned for summer getaways and adventures. Whether you’re leaving for a short weekend trip, or a month in Europe, a little extra vigilance will help keep your home, property, and belongings safe which means you can spend your time relaxing instead of worrying. After all, we follow the “better safe than sorry!” philosophy.

1. Consider hiring a house sitter

One way to keep your home safe while away on vacation is to have someone living in it. If you’re lucky enough, you may have a relative or friend who can stay at your house while you’re on vacation. They may even keep your plants watered, feed your cat, and keep your place tidy so you don’t come back to a dusty home. Bonus!

2. Create the illusion that you’re home

Investing in timers that turn on lights for a few hours during the evenings/mornings will help create the illusion that someone is home. Don’t worry about having to fork out a bunch of cash for these, most timers are under $15.00.

3. Arrange for yard maintenance

If you are on an extended trip, consider the weather conditions while you’re away. Should you need, hire someone to mow or water your lawn if it’s going to be hot and sunny. If it’s cold and snowy, consider hiring someone to shovel your sidewalk. This will help hide the fact that your home is currently vacant.

4. Lock Up

We don’t just mean your doors. Remember to lock your windows and gate before leaving on a trip.

5. Don’t advertise that you’re away

This one is probably our most important tip. We get it, you love to share your trip on social media outlets. Why go on vacation if you can’t make everyone back home jealous? Just be weary of what you’re posting on social media. Advertising to everyone that you’re not home could be an accidental invitation to burglars.

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