Paint and Stains

Exterior Paint and Stain

It is very important to maintain stain coverage on the exterior wood surfaces. Although stain-work on the exterior horizontal surfaces is not covered by a warranty, it is important to refinish these areas to avoid damage to the wood.

Brilliant and dark colours, while providing adequate protection, may fade more rapidly on south and west exposures, and require frequent repainting to maintain their original appearances. Avoid painting in cold or damp weather. Try to paint in shaded areas, away from the direct sunlight. Ideally, one should begin on a surface that has been exposed to the warmth and drying action of the sun, and then “follow the sun around”. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best results. Vulnerable locations, such as windowsills, may require cleaning and “touching up” more frequently than other portions of the house.

Interior Paint and Stain

The walls, woodwork and other surfaces are finished with products particularly suited to the use expected and the surfaces to which they are applied. Other than defects, which may exist at the time of possession, no further painting will be done. If lacquer touchups are needed these touch-ups are done with a brush as Truman Homes will not spray lacquer after possession.


Shrinkage will affect the interior wood trim and you may notice that some joints at the corners of windows, doors and baseboards will open slightly. These are normal occurrences that can be remedied with wood putty, plastic wood, coloured putty sticks or similar products when you decorate.

Paint & Stain FAQs

Exterior stain seems to wear faster?

Question: Why does the stain on exterior horizontal surfaces seem to wear more quickly than other areas?
Answer: Snow, rain, dirt, sun and foot traffic are all factors common to “flatwork”, but not affecting vertical surfaces.

Best way to clean painted surfaces?

Question: What is the best way to clean marks from painted surfaces?
Answer: Spot clean only when necessary with a damp cloth and dish soap that is extremely diluted. Do Not Scrub. Avoid any product which contains ammonia. Do not clean walls until a minimum three (3) months after possession.

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