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Five Home Tips From Our Instagram Posts

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Are you following us on Instagram? If not, we really think you should!

We frequently post simple and straight to the point home tips to help you keep your home beautiful and up to date. Below are our top 5 home tips that we’ve posted recently on our Instagram.

1. Adding fun, colourful wallpaper to a feature wall is a great way to give your home personality. Wallpaper can be extremely affordable and will save you time trying to paint patterns or shapes on walls. Make sure the wallpaper matches the theme and colours in the room though as sometimes it can have the opposite effect of complimenting the room.

Pictured above: Orchard Sky

2. Add colour to your bedroom by using a colourful throw at the end of your bed. Tie in the colours with decorations like throw pillows, art work, or even flowers!

Pictured above: Cornerstone

3. Let your faucet be a focal point in your kitchen. Consider buying one that’s functional and practical, but still beautiful to look at. Hint: Faucets quite often come on sale at local hardware stores and are usually quite simple to install. Be sure to match the faucet with the other colours in your kitchen.

Pictured above: West Point Estates

4. Matching the floor tile to the tile on your walls creates more fluidity to the look of your washroom. It also gives it an elegant look and is easy to keep clean (if you avoid big spaces in between that are filled with grout)!

Pictured above: Cornerstone (top), Savoy (bottom)

5. Wood flooring (such as hardwood, laminate, etc) looks best when running in the same direction as the longest dimension of the room. Running it the other way can make the room look smaller or disproportionate.

Pictured above: Reflections Townhomes

For more great home tips, check out our blogPinterest, or Instagram!

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