Why is my driveway spalling?

Question: Why is my driveway having small pieces flake off (spalling)? Answer: This is due to deterioration of the finish of the driveway, from either misuse or by application of salts or road [...]

Why is my driveway not shiny?

Question: Why is my exposed aggregate driveway not shiny like it was when we took occupancy? Answer: The driveway for your home is sealed prior to occupancy (seasonal). This is to protect the [...]

Cracks in the basement walls?

Question: Are cracks in the basement walls something to be concerned about? Answer: Due to wide range of thermal changes (see basement walls), and the expanding and contracting that may take [...]

Concrete developing cracks?

Question: Why are the driveway, basement floor, garage floor, and sidewalk developing cracks? Is this cause for concern? Answer: Cracks in concrete are normal and are not considered structural. [...]

Stains on the driveway and concrete?

Question:What are the yellow stains on the driveway and concrete floors? Answer: The curing compound that is applied to aid in the curing of the concrete causes the yellow stains on new concrete. [...]