Realtor Program

Below you will find the 6 easy steps that each realtor must follow in order to add Truman's communities to their listings. Should you require any further information on this process please Contact one of our client services representatives.

1. Register Your Client

In person, with the Sales Liaisons in the community of interest on your initial visit to the show home. A client cannot register a realtor acting on their behalf, the realtor MUST being present on the initial visit with their client. If you are not present with your client we will not accept a registration via phone call or email. 

2. The Realtor

Client Registration agreement must be completed in its entirety with your signature and the date and must be present at initial visit. Truman is not responsible by any means whatsoever should you have a buyer brokerage agreement with a client of Truman. This is between you and your client, please do not involve or contact Truman regarding such agreements that Truman is not a part of.

3. Commission Amounts

Must be negotiated with the community Area Manager and the terms of cooperation confirmed prior to an offer to purchase.

4. Truman

Our Client Service Specialists will complete and process the purchase agreement and all necessary contracts. The customer will receive copies of all documentation.

5. All contracts must be

Executed within ninety (90) days of prospect/agent registration, otherwise become null and void.

6. Payment is received

5 Days after the customer takes occupancy of their new home or upon firm date. Please refer to area sales centres for more details.

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