Client Referral Program


Terms and Conditions

Before You Start:
  1. Simply give us the name of the client that you wish to refer by filling out the form below. Incomplete form submissions constitute a nullified referral.
  2. If the person you refer becomes a Truman purchaser you will be rewarded $_____________, 25 days after the referred client takes possession.
  3. Referral Form must be submitted prior to sales agreement initiation and the client must not have registered in any form in the last 90 business days. The referral is only valid for 30 days from initial registration of the client.
  4. Any referral must be signed off / approved by Truman Director of Sales*, and it is in the sole discretion of the director of sales if the referral is to be paid should the above terms and conditons not be fully met.  

Once the referral provided has purchased a Truman product, you will receive the referral amount 25 days after the referrals possession date. Referral fees range from development to development and the amounts are provided by respective area sales managers.



*The referring client must confirm all rules and regulations through the participating presentation centers via our customer services specialists.
Terms and conditions apply. Truman director of sales must sign off on hard copy of referral form. Valid until Dec 30th 2018.

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